How I Became A Pest Control Exterminator

Imagine my surprise when I first became a victim of bed bugs. I’d always been a clean person. Did I pick them up on the subway or from a neighbour who had come to visit?

You never think it will happen to you. Then you see those dreaded red marks on your arms. At first, I thought they might have been mosquito bites. After all, it was summertime, and I loved to spend time outdoors.

However, I saw the bugs on my mattress. It was truly frightening. I also knew that the problem must be significant as you often never see the critters.

My local pest control did not hold a lot of solutions. Their next service provider was not until several weeks. It was upsetting for me to go to bed every night. I almost felt it was torture.

When the pest control got to my home, I thought my problems were surely over. Little did I know they were only beginning. I got them to take a look, and they weren’t very compassionate about my situation. They came in and did a quick spray. Then they gave me a big bill that I did not feel was commiserate with their service.

After this, I decided that the industry needed to change. Like many great ideas, it came out of gaps that I saw in the industry. I researched bed bug treatments, and I saw that there was a better way.

I knew from my experience that the spray did not even fix my problem. However, the new heat technology that my company employs does do the trick. How do I know this? Well, because it worked for my problem, and it was out of control.

I know that you can experience better service because I trained my technicians myself. They have the compassion that you need, as well as the technology for bed bug eradication.